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5 Good Report Card Rewards for Tampa Area Students

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Kids work hard every quarter for those good grades, and while getting good grades is a reward in itself why not make it extra special? While you can probably come up with your own rewards for your children, they can also be rewarded for their good grades at various locations throughout Tampa and the surrounding area.

Some Tampa Bay locations offering these report card rewards for kids are: 


The Revolution Ice Cream Co – At The Revolution Ice Cream Co, kids can bring in their great report card in exchange for a free scoop of their favorite flavor of ice cream. Report cards with all A’s and B’s can be shown at the register in exchange for your child’s free scoop. Revolution Ice Cream Co is located at 220 W. Brandon Blvd in Brandon, Florida, and they’re open 7 days per week. 



Krispy Kreme – Who doesn’t love a delicious Krispy Kreme donut? At local Tampa Bay Krispy Kreme locations, students can bring in their report card and receive 1 glazed donut for every A on their card, up to 6 A’s.

If your student has 6 A grades, they can show their report card at the register and receive 6 glazed donuts free of charge! If they receive 1 A, it can be exchanged for 1 glazed donut, 2 A’s for 2 glazed donuts, and so on. 

There are several Krispy Kreme locations around the Tampa Bay Area. Check out the location near you and give them a call to confirm they are participating in this report card offer. Not all locations may participate. 

Florida Aquarium Sea Stars Program – Students who receive report cards with A’s and B’s, or students who have achieved perfect attendance during their marking period, can receive free admission into the Florida Aquarium with an adult admission at 50% off.

This Sea Stars program is good for 1 month after the report card’s issue date, and the card must be brought to the ticket counter to redeem the Sea Stars offer. This gives students and their families a great day to celebrate another successful marking period alongside some of Florida’s top marine animals. 


Chuck-E-Cheese – If your kids love Chuck E. Cheeses then they will love earning 10 free play points as a reward. Simply print out the Super Student Award certificate and write your child’s name. Hand these at the register and you’ll get your 10 play points with an purchase of any food item. These free play points are loaded onto the play card and can be used to play any of the various games at Chuck-E-Cheese your child loves. 

There are several locations around the Tampa Bay Area.


Skate Park of Tampa – For students who have made “honor roll”, or received all A’s and B’s during the latest marking period, Skate Park of Tampa offers one free skate session. This gives students a way to really blow off steam while grinding and flying around the skate park, celebrating another marking period of hard work paying off. 


Need more ideas? Try some of these fun ideas to reward your kids for a great report card.

1. Mini Shopping Spree. For younger kids you can have them do a shopping spree at Dollar Tree or Five Below for a certain dollar amount. With older kids you can take them shopping at their favorite store for a certain dollar amount as well.

2. No chores. No complaints here. Your kids will be super excited to get away from this task as a reward for a great report card.

3. Movie Night. Let them choose the movie at home or take them to visit the movie theatre or drive-in. 

4. Rewards jar. A jar that includes a variety of craft sticks that includes rewards that your child actually wants. They can even help you write the rewards on the sticks. Then for every good grade they get, they can choose a stick at random.