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12 Easy Social Media Post Ideas for Small Businesses During Social Distancing

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Looking for ways to connect with your audience online? We have come up with 12 of our favorite ways to grow and promote your brand while we are social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out the ideas below. Please make sure to follow your local and state guidelines when trying to attempt any of these listings below.


1. Good Deeds 

We love that Academy at the Lakes students and staff was able to offer donations to Metropolitan Ministries while social distancing.

How your business can implement: Do you have a favorite cause that you could donate to? Share your efforts with your followers to remind them that even in these circumstances we can still offer a helping hand if we are able.



2. Go LIVE!

Going LIVE is fun for people to watch as it’s a great way to interact with your customers in a LIVE environment. You can use this time to showcase your beautiful animals like ZooTampa at Lowry Park or do a virtual LIVE tour of the behind the scenes work you do.

How your business can implement: Just do it! No special equipment needed. Be yourself and share more about your business and the valuable work that you do. Recognize those who are online by saying their name and just have fun with it. If you make a mistake…excellent! LIVE is all about not being perfect. Just go for it.





3. Photo Hunt

Urban Air Adventure Park has this fun photo where you can try to spot the difference.

How your business can implement: Take a picture of your location, a product or even a mascot and change a few things using PhotoShop or simply going on Canva.com

Photo Credit: Urban Air Adventure Park



4. Share Memories

If you can’t see your clients or customers in person, why not go down memory lane. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay shared one of their anniversary and asked their followers to share their favorite Busch Gardens memories.

How your business can implement: If you don’t have an anniversary coming up, you can share a picture of your Grand Opening, your first class, your first flyer or anything that will invoke some positive emotions and ask your followers to add their favorite memory of your business.


5. Be Vulnerable

Check out this Ellen DeGeneres social media post about prom.

How your business can implement: Do you have a blooper video or a photo that you would like to share? This is a great time humanize your brand.



6. Delivery/ Pick Up

Are you able to deliver your goods and services while also following CDC, state and national guidelines? If so, then explore ways that you can offer delivery services to your customers.

How your business can implement: Think of any of your products or services that could be easily packaged together and delivered to your customers. Not sure which ones they would like? Ask them and go from there. Check out the many ideas below.


  • Curbside & Free delivery is always a plus if it’s not too financially burdensome.


  • The food industry is an obvious way to provide delivery to your customers.


  • Modern version of an ice cream truck. Kona Ice usually attends lots of events. Since all the events have been canceled due to COVID-19, they brought their truck to their customers with explicit directions on how to keep them safe by following CDC directives. Note: They have stopped doing this temporarily.


7. Make a Kit

We are loving the ideas from the businesses below as they have thought of some creative ways to provide Kits for their customers. If they can’t come to you, promote on social media that you can come to them, through a carefully thought out kit.

How your business can implement: Can you think of something that you can make a DIY version of your product or service? It could be a game using your product or a scavenger hunt kit. All items don’t necessarily need to be your product. As long as it reinforces your brand then you should be good.



  • Check out Esthetics813 idea for a spa kit at home combined with a zoom meeting.Event ticket includes:
    You skincare products for the party
    Applicator brush
    Disposable towelette
    We will also have games and raffles
    Virtual Zoom Spa Party where you can get comfy clothes, relax and enjoy!


  • Savory kits are also great. The kids will love making their own pizza. Check out the clever hashtag below.



  • Who doesn’t love mini cupcakes? Great DIY kit for families.


8. Add Bonuses 

Don’t you love bonuses? Well your customers love them too. A Palm Harbor, FL restaurant is adding toilet paper to their to-go orders. Now that’s a great idea to set them apart from other restaurants nearby.

How your business can implement: Think of what would make your customers life easier at this time and try to add that as a bonus to whatever service or product you’re providing. It can be hand sanitizer, a pack of soap or even a coupon to encourage them to come back.



9. Virtual Class

If they can’t come to you, why not come to them and offer the same service from the comfort of their home. We love how Pinot’s Pallete (Wesley Chapel) decided to move their in-person events to a virtual class with some small adjustments.

How your business can implement: Can you teach something virtually? Then go ahead and offer it for a fee or for free and see how it’s received. You won’t know until you try.



  • Virtual Merit Badges


10. Humor

Laughter is good for the soul. Check out this funny but interactive post on the coronavirus in a small business Facebook group.

How your business can implement: You don’t need to come up with your own funny memes. There are tons on the internet. Just share ones that are appropriate for your brand.





11. Online Activities / Printable

Come up with your own activities that parents can do online with the kids or at home. We love the fun ideas below.

How your business can implement: Create your own printable or activity and share it on social or through email.


  • Branded BINGO for your business.





12. Provide Helpful Resources



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