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Kids Birthday Party Ideas & Venues Guide In Tampa Bay

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Fun Birthday Parties for Kids Around Tampa Bay

Explore the Tampa Bay Areas’ best collection of birthday party venues for the most fun and memorable birthday party!

Tampa Bay Birthday Party Venue Ideas

Birthdays only come but once a year, so why not make it extra special this year?

When your little one turns another year older, they’ll want to have the time of their lives, and the Tampa Bay region has plenty of venues parents can choose from to make that happen. Every year is a new one with new interests and wants, and there is a venue out there that accommodates each and every one. Some ideas for your next birthday party are listed in alphabetical order:


Amusement Parks
 Have a scream of a celebration at Tampa Bay’s various amusement parks. At parks like Busch Gardens, kids can ride the rides, play the games, and finish the day off with snacks and cake after a day they’re never going to forget.

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Archery – Archery centers in and around the Tampa Bay region embrace the sport of archery while celebrating your child’s special day. These birthday parties are catered to different age groups to be safe and fun for children of all ages.

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Aquarium – It’s not often we get to experience what life is like under the sea, but Tampa Bay’s aquariums let us do just that. Kids who love sharks, fish, mermaids, and the beach will love being able to celebrate alongside all of their favorite species of aquatic life.

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Little boy and girl watching tropical coral fish in large sea life tank.



Bounce House Centers – The Tampa Bay area has plenty of bounce house centers all around the region. If you’re looking to entertain groups of young kids with plenty of energy, these give them the ability to bounce, bounce, and bounce some more as they celebrate the birthday boy or girl.

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Happy little girl having lots of fun on a jumping castle while sliding.




Bowling – Bowling parties are a perfect option for kids’ birthday parties, big or small, and they’re suitable for celebrating any age. For little kids, bumpers can be used to make bowling fair and fun, and they can be taken away for lanes with older kids who are looking for something a bit more competitive.

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Cooking – Who doesn’t love great food? Kids of all ages love learning practical skills they can show off at home or with their friends, and that’s just what cooking birthday parties provide. Kids will learn how to make age-appropriate dishes as they build a foundation for a lifelong love of cooking.

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Craft centers – Craft centers around the area are a really unique way to celebrate a birthday. Parties may be able to be held at the craft center with a guided craft taught by the pros, or craft supplies can be brought home for a craft night party at the house.

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Event venues – If you’re looking to do your own thing when it comes to the birthday party, event venues are just what you’re looking for. You pick the activities, you pick the décor, you pick the food, and your little one gets just the experience they want when celebrating their special day.



Escape Rooms – Looking for something to do for your older child? Maybe they’ve done roller skating, they’ve museums, and they’re looking for something a little different this year. Escape rooms lets them engage their minds and creative thinking skills while working together to escape!

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Farms, zoos, and ranches – Farms, zoos, and ranches provide your kids with a birthday party experience that’s a bit on the wild side! Kids can see all their favorite critters, interact with different animals, and have fun while learning about the animal kingdom.

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Go Carts & Driving Experiences – For older kids who might be winding down their time with birthday parties, go-carts and driving experiences bring the magic of birthdays back! These parties put kids behind the wheel in a safe environment and lets them explore what life will be like on the road.

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Golf/Miniature Golf – Golf parties let kids of any age get out there and have a bit of fun on the green. Golf course parties for older kids interested in golf makes for a perfect day, while miniature golf is an option for children of any age. Not only are these parties fun for kids, but parents love them just as much!

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Ice Skating – What better way to beat the heat for a summer birthday party than at an ice skating rink? For little ones, medium ones, or your older kids, ice skating parties are a fun way to try something new together with all their closest friends and family.

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Indoor Playground Centers – These centers really offer something special to the birthday party experience. Not only do they have full indoor playgrounds, but many also feature arts and crafts centers, games, character meet and greets, and more.

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Kids Gyms – With cake, sweets, and plenty of excitement to go around, groups of kids can get a little rowdy! Birthday parties at kids gyms are the perfect way to celebrate the occasion while letting them run wild and blow off some steam.


Laser Tag – Laser tag parties put a fun and competitive spin on the whole birthday party experience! Laser tag parks in Tampa Bay outfit kids with everything they need for a great round of laser tag, which is then followed up by all of your traditional parts of the party celebration.

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Martial Arts Facilities – Kids get active and learn a new sport they may not know they love yet with martial arts parties! Martial arts facilities all around the Tampa Bay region host birthday parties that provide an introduction to the arts alongside all of the traditional birthday party activities.


Mobile parties at home – A home party doesn’t have to be a typical party, and you can put your own individual spin with mobile parties at home. Bricks 4 Kids, magicians, princesses, music acts, and even food trucks can be brought to your home for a different sort of party experience.


Movie Theaters – A movie theater party gives you something a little different than the traditional birthday party. Movie theater parties can include showings of today’s top new releases, or you could opt for private screenings of your child’s favorite movie at some theaters.


Museums – If your little one loves to learn, a birthday party at the museum is a perfect fit! Science museums around the Tampa Bay area make learning fun and exciting, with demonstrations and hands on experiences children will never forget.

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Painting/Pottery – Painting and pottery classes celebrate birthdays with creativity and fun, while letting all the kids take home something special they can remember the occasion by! These parties get little fingers and little minds moving, but they’re fun and appropriate for celebrating any age.


Playground/Parks – Local parks all around the Tampa Bay region are perfect birthday party venues. With playgrounds and outdoor play areas, kids can run wild and free while parents are given plenty of creativity in regards to the party experience. A perfect simple option, it’s a great way to relax and celebrate on a beautiful Florida day.


Professional Sports Games – Sports lovers will have the time of their lives taking in a Tampa Bay Lightning or Rays game for their birthday! Professional sports games host birthday parties that allow kids to experience a game while celebrating the start of another new year.


Restaurants – Does your little one have a love for Chick-Fil-A? Do they get excited pulling up to those golden arches outside of McDonald’s? These restaurants and more host birthday parties that bring their favorite foods right to their celebration. After you enjoy lunch or dinner, kids can spend their time in the playground.


Retail Stores – Retail stores like Build-A-Bear, Justice, and Claire’s host birthday parties that give kids a different sort of retail shopping experience. At Build-A-Bear, for instance, kids are able to make their own bears alongside the birthday boy or birthday girl so they have a favor they can take home to remember the great day of celebrating forever.


Roller skating – Roller skating parties never go out of style, and they can be geared towards children of any age. At your roller skating party you’ll get to participate in free skates, games, fun activities, and plenty of classic roller rink snacks and foods. Not only are these parties fun for the kids, but they’re also fun for the parents!

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Salons/Spas – Spending the day at the salon or the spa isn’t reserved for the moms, and little ones love it, too! Mani and pedi groups, hair styling, and even makeovers are a perfect way to celebrate your little one turning another year older with all her closest friends.

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Splash Pads/Water Parks – For summer birthdays, it can be tough getting outside without getting too hot. Splash pads and water parks keep little ones active, cool, and having fun in the sun while they celebrate all day long.

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A little girl child is playing in the water fountains at a splash park playground on a summer day.




Trampoline Parks – Trampoline parks are all the rage right now, and those in the Tampa Bay region cater to children of all age levels. Whether you’re throwing a third birthday party, a sixth birthday party, or a tenth birthday party, your party will be catered to the safety and the interests of your child and their peers.

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Young woman sportsman jumping on a trampoline in fitness park and doing exersice indoors.



Zipline/Rock Climbing – For older kids and adventurous kids, zip line and rock climbing parties are sure to provide the thrill they’re seeking! Kids can play games, open presents, and enjoy cake after having their own zip line and rock climbing experiences with their friends.

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