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4 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a STEM/STEAM Summer Camp

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, and for kids elementary school aged or older, STEM can be a fascinating experience. STEAM Camps includes all things science, art, tech and creative! 

With STEM/STEAM camps, little curiosities are fulfilled as your children get to experience just how the world works around them. STEM camps give kids a workout body and mind, and get them excited about subjects that could make a massive impact on their future. 

From hands-on science experiments, creating new games, apps, coding your own website, completing an artistic masterpiece or solving complex math problems, STEM/STEAM Camps are great for kids in all age groups and interests. 


There are a number of reasons why kids today need STEM/STEAM summer camps, but some of our favorites are: 


1. Prepare them for future careers – Careers in the STEM field are some of the highest paying and most in demand. Starting a love for STEM early with a fun STEM/STEAM camp places kids just where they need to be for a successful future. 


2. Preparing kids for a tech savvy future – The world becomes more reliant on technology each and every day. After all, we can now tap a few taps of our smartphones and have a pizza delivered at our doors in 30 minutes flat; something that would have seemed unheard of just a couple short decades ago. STEM camps prepare kids for our tech savvy future. 


3. Fun exploration – Kids and young people have minds that are made for exploration, and STEM camps give your children just what they need for fun and interactive exploration. Science is involved in all fields, and these camps allow young people to explore these fields as they pertain to what they love – whether it’s robotics, food science, cosmetics, video games, construction, and more. 


4. Better information retention – After the summer vacation is over, a new school year will begin. When minds are allowed to go stagnant, it can be harder to get back into the groove of a fresh year. A STEM/STEAM camp keeps kids learning, engaged, and in a structured environment, so they’re much better prepared to begin learning again once school starts. With better information retention, kids will have an easier and more enjoyable time at school. 


While the United States used to lead the world in science and innovation; this is no longer the case according to the National Science Foundation. STEM/STEAM camps get kids engaged and interested from a young age, making them more likely to pursue STEM/STEAM subjects in the future. 




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