Boredom Busters: 100 Fun Activities Kids Can Do at Home That Are Free & Low Cost

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Activities Kids Can Do at Home

With children at home, their attention span can fluctuate and it could take some planning to keep the boredom away. Below we’ve come up with 100 amazing ways to help your children fill up their time, have fun and all for free or at a low cost.


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Water Play Activities

  • Set up a slip-and-slide- this is one of those activities most parents probably grew up doing at home as kids. Try using one of those blue tarps that you may have in your home garage. You may also want to try a new plastic shower curtain that you can get at a dollar store. Add some soap and water and you’re set.


  • Have a water gun fight– Try keep a large bucket of water outside for easy refill for the kids. You can find these easily at a dollar store. 


  • Water balloon fight– Using those easy release balloon products is the most convenient way to fill up water balloons. Saves a lot of time and allows you to have more without the frustration of tying up each and every balloon. 


  • Water balloon volleyball- You can make the balloons as big as you want. The smaller the balloon the easier it is to throw over the net. You’ll need a towel and a partner to do this activity. Each person holds one side of the towel and place the water balloon in the middle. Then together the team coordinates to throw the balloon over to other side. Plan on getting wet on this one.


  • Swim in your pool– Add some fun pool inflatables and you’re set. Play Marko Polo, relay race or underwater swimming toys for added fun. 
Swimming pool fun.


  • Water bottle bowling- Have some water bottles hanging around? Use the water bottles as bowling pins. You can use any sport balls you have  around or simply use another water bottle and roll it to the pins. Place the bottles on the drive way, garage or any flat surface. Night bowling? Add a neon bracelet into or around the water bottle to light up the “bowling pins.”



Indoor Play Time

  • Build a toothpick and mini marshmallow tower– this is great for creativity and for science based activities. 


  • Play board games– Do you have a stash of board games? These are great fun and time guzzlers. The classic monopoly, Sorry, Clue, Candy Land and many others are great ways to get the kids to settle down and have some fun.


  • Build a castle with playing cards– As a kid we made tons of homes and castles out of simple playing cards. Start with two cards up and then place a card horizontally on top and you have the start of something magical.  


  • Tea Party- While tea is optional, it’s always fun to sip a drink from pretty cups while eating crustless sandwiches and fruit. Of course you can customize your tea party to fit your family needs. Pick up a nice tea set by stopping by your local thrift store for an affordable option that rivals any plastic ones you’ll buy at a department store. 


  • Play charades- You can do this the classic way with paper and acting it out or you can also use the Charades! App where you guess the word on the card that’s on your phone that is places on your head from your family’s clues before the timer runs out!


  • Dance Party- Blast the music from your Echo Dot, your phone or your favorite electronic. While the kids dance they can do a dance-off or put them to work cleaning their room or organizing the living room.  


  • Watch a movie & make popcorn- Bring the movie theater to your home. The best part, the kids can wear comfy pajamas while enjoying fresh popcorn. We absolutely love these collapsible popcorn bowls we got from the in-laws for a gift. 


  • Make a mini video- Kids love being the star of their own videos and watching it over and over again. Why not have them act something out and create a mini video and play it while eating some popcorn. 


  • Paper airplanes- Kids young and older love making paper airplanes. Have them color the papers first and then start their build for a more creative looking air plane. Check out this great DIY website for some easy directions on paper airplanes. Add some friendly competition by flying the planes outside to see which one flies the longest. 


  • Origami– Origami is the art of paper-folding and can be a lot of fun for all age groups. You can find some detailed instructions on making a wide range of origami sculptures or you can purchase a simple origami kit
Origami birds.


  • Paint nails- Whether you’re painting each other nails or your kids are doing it themselves, make sure to create a space where they can be feel free to be messy. Place paper towels under their feet, in between their toes and or course lots of acetone.  


  • Build with blocks- Legos, wood blocks or magnetic ones are great options to keep kids busy and entertained. 


  • Games, games, and more games- Play Jenga, Twister, and any game that will keep them entertained. 


  • Create a skit or short play together- Write some topics on a piece of paper and your kids can randomly choose a topic and act it out. Lots of giggles are in store with this activity. 






Electronics can be a great tool if used wisely. If the kids are at home, they use electronics like iPads, phones and TV’s in more ways than one. They can also:

  • Make a music video
  • Listen to music
  • Create a family slideshow
  • Watch educational youtube videos
  • Watch your favorite movie series
  • Play word games





Outdoor Fun

  • Take a bike ride- ride around the neighborhood or look up a trail in your local city. 



  • Geocaching- Geocaching turns every location into an adventure where you can join the world in the largest treasure hunting game. Millions of cleverly hidden containers called geocaches are waiting to be found. Check out App’s on your phone to help your kids.


  • Go on a nature walk- You can take a walk around the neighborhood or a park that has walking trails. 


Fun Games to Play Outdoors

  • Duck, Duck, Goose
  • Simon Says
  • Red light, Green light
  • Red Rover
  • Play freeze tag
  • Play dodgeball
  • Play frisbee, Volleyball, etc.
  • Dodgeball
  • Capture the Flag
  • Marco Polo
  • Baseball
  • Basketball/Football


  • Walk the dog- Taking the dog on a walk can also count for some exercise too. 


  • Fly a kite- Whether it’s windy day or not, you can still fly a kite. Have the kids run with kite in their hands and it will start to take flight. You can find kites at your local dollar store.


  • Plant fruits/vegetables- If kids plant their own fruits and vegetables, study shows that kids are more apt to eat what they plant. 


  • Potato Sack Race- This is such a fun activity to do outdoors and kids will love this classic game.



  • Jump on trampoline 


  • Scavenger hunt– This could be a scavenger hunt that could include taking pictures of different items on a walk, inside the home and in the backyard.


Camp in the backyard

  • Roast marshmallows
  • Share spooky stories in a tent
  • Stargazing



Kitchen Activities

  • Make ice cream in a bag
  • Make your own play dough
  • Bake cookies
  • Cook a meal
  • Make candy
  • Science Experiments
  • Tea Party
  • Cook a meal from a different country
  • Make meals ahead & freeze
  • Make smores on stove
  • Make your own butter
  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Make your own pizza





Creativity Corner

  • Paint Rocks
  • Chalk your driveway
  • Make a bird feeder
  • Tie-Dye Shirts
  • Science Experiments
  • Build a fort
  • Paint on canvas
  • Create jewelry
  • Sew/Knit
  • Paint rocks
  • Paper puppets/dolls
  • Make a scrap book


Quiet/Table Activities

  • Crossword Puzzles- these can be simple or more complicated. Great for older kids. You’ll find these at your local dollar store and even online so you can print right from your home. 


  • Read a book- If you can’t visit your local library, check out these fun books by age groups and here are some book ideas for teenagers


  • Complete a puzzle- In a variety of complexities you’ll find them at your local dollar store, online store and department store. 

  • Start writing a book- Kids can create their own books and be the star in it. 


  • Make a bucket list- A bucket list could be a list for things kids want to do for summer break, birthday party, things they want to learn or movies they want to binge watch.  


  • Coloring Book- Coloring books are not just for little kids, you’ll find these fun coloring books great for the older kids in your home. 


  • Educational Workbooks- While this may not be the most fun, but it is educational and at least you’ll know for sure they are feeding their brain. 


  • Listen to an audio book- Younger kids love having books being read to them and older kids can explore different books through free resources from your local library. 


  • Watch educational youtube videos- Our kids love watching 5 minute crafts on youtube. There is even YouTube just for kids. 


  • Watch a documentary- Netflix has a lot of documentaries about nature an animals that would intrigue kids of all ages. 


  • Write a letter to family, & friends– Kids can use their favorite piece of paper and spend some writing notes to grandparents.


  • Learn a new language time- Online kids can learn a new language with lots of fun programs that are tailored to them. 





Spring Cleaning

  • Clean out closet and donate clothes– Have your kids go through their clothes to see what they have outgrown and out-loved. Place all the clothes that are in good condition in a bag to be donated to a local shelter, non-profit or thrift store.


  • Clean out crafts area– Reuse scrap paper and broken crayons can be reused in 27 ways for fun craft ideas. 


  • Clean toys- When was the last time your kids cleaned their toys with soap and water? Disinfectant wipes? They can use this time to clean their favorite toys and lay them out to air dry outside. This is a task that will definitely keep them busy for sometime and maybe a little messy.


  • Organize school work- Now this may not be fun, but you kids can take the time to choose their favorite projects and place them in a keepsake box. 


  • Wash family car- Kids can put on their baths suits on, get a bucket, some sponges, wash cloths and liquid soap for some fun times that also includes some cleaning. 
Car washing with the family.



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