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25 Empowering Truths About Motherhood

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Motherhood is filled with strong, imperfect and loving Mothers who give everything for their children. On Mother’s Day and everyday let us celebrate Moms for all they do.

As a Mom I have learned someåÊimportant truths that has helped me embrace Motherhood and keep the guilt at bay. Here are 25 Empowering Truths About Motherhood:

1. Motherhood is one ofåÊthe highest and noblest callings on Earth. åÊIt will cause you to love, laugh, cry, and smile all at the same time.

2. Sometimes children come through labor pains, C-section, adoption, marriage, careers and sometimes they don’t come for a long time.

3.åÊChildren live with us until we’re old and gray and sometimes they earn wings in the womb or stay for just a few days.

4. åÊMotherhood is not about being perfect. Moms are perfectly imperfect. I’ve never met a perfect human, so hence no perfect Mom.

5. Parenting “experts” don’t exist.

6.åÊEveryone and no one is judging you! Yes, we all have probably felt like this and perhaps guilty of doing it. But in reality, the only opinion of you that matters is yourself and the God you’re serving.

7.åÊMoms are the most multi-talented people.

8. Mom’s who adopt children love themåÊjust as much as those who carried them in the womb.

9. Leg hugs from little ones are the best.

10. No Mom fully comprehends how it feels to be a single mom, married mom, stay-at-home mom, or work-outside the home mom. That’s how it should be. åÊEveryone’s struggle and joy is their own.

11.åÊBe careful, kids reveal your secrets to their relatives, friends and their teachers!

12. Motherhood is filled with image issues.åÊIt doesn’t matter how small or large we are, we look at ourselves and see imperfections. We see stretch marks, rolls, dents, saggy skin, a large nose, small lips, freckles or anything that we think makes us inferior. I say if you can’t change or want to change it, own it and stop feeling guilty about it.

13. Having one child is a lot, having 2, 5, or 12 kids is a lot. Raising children is not easy no matter how many you have.

14. Breast-fed, bottle-fed, Organic, Fast Food, or Home School. Bottom line it’s your decision and don’t give anyone the power to make you feel bad about your decision.

15. People will give you unsolicited parenting advice. I always say thank you and then I do what I want.

16. You can spend every minute of the day with åÊyour child and they will always grow up faster than you expect.

17. You’re probably going to raise your voice, yell, or say something you wish you didn’t. Learn to say sorry and really mean it.

18. Your kids love you and they hate you. Have you ever heard “I hate you Mom!” Yep that hurts, but they really do love you.

19. You’re blessed, depressed and stressed.åÊBeing a Mother includes so many emotions. There will always be high and low points and that’s perfectly normal.

20. Mommy time is priceless.

21. Sometimes it’s hard to share the last piece of your chocolate bar with your kids.

22. Your kids will always be your baby even if they are 60!

23.åÊåÊPeople will stare at your kids because of their behavior, their scar, skin color, their disease, pretty much anything. Let them stare, they’re not coming home with you.

24. Mother’s Day is every day.

25.åÊThe perfect Mom for your children is you. Give yourself a break, you deserve it and I deserve it. I love being a crazy, stressed out, and loving Mom. I wouldn’t have any other way.

Written by: Miriam Cook

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