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4 Free Virtual Cooking Classes For Kids

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Online Cooking Classes For Kids

Cooking is a practical skill that kids should pick up as early as possible. Aside from learning how to prepare food, kids can put math and scientific concepts to use in the kitchen. You may end up taking a break up from making the meals by having your kids cook a course or even the whole meal.

We’ve gathered some free virtual cooking classes to try with your kids. You may even pick up a thing or two from some of the resources below. Affiliate links may be found on this post at no additional cost to you. Please see our Privacy & Disclosure policy.


1 – Foodschool

Foodschool teaches kids not only how to cook but also about seasons, seed cycle, geography, history, and table manners. The husband-and-wife team of teachers encourages kids to try everything they cook before they decide for themselves.

Classes are held once a week, and each can last from 60 to 90 minutes depending on your child’s age. You can enroll here.




2 – Food Literacy Center

Do your kids hate eating vegetables? Food Literacy Center teaches vegetable-based recipes. Their free curriculum includes lessons on cooking, nutrition, gardening, and physical health. Food Literacy Center will inspire your kids to cook and eat to stay healthy as well.

You can access their free curriculum and join their Facebook Live sessions.



3 – Food Literacy Center

The Food Literacy Center is a nonprofit that has a mission to teach kids about cooking, nutrition, gardening, and all aspects of food literacy.

Visit their website to see 10 available lessons with recipe, video tutorial and helpful resources. You can view their videos through Facebook Live or Youtube, check out their free online curriculum for fun snacks and meals.


4 – ChopChop Cooking Club

Age Group: Most Club members will be kids ages 5-12 and their families. Adults who are just learning to cook are also welcome to join.

Turn cooking into an exciting game for the whole family with ChopChop Cooking Club. Complete various challenges as you cook dinner. After every recipe, upload a picture of your meal and receive a virtual badge. Your kids will not only learn but also love cooking with this virtual cooking club. Join the club here.


Bonus: 5. Varsity Tutors:

They have a wide variety of free classes and yes they do include cooking ones as well. We love the fact that they include children with special needs. The classes are taught by experts and are about 90 minutes long and they vary between topics.

Check out what current offering they have available on Varsity Tutors.


With these free virtual cooking classes, your kids will be able to cook meals on their own in no time. You may even discover a cooking or baking prodigy within your household!

Looking for a paid option?

You may want to try out Mrs. Kimball’s online video course so she can help your kids master 30 basic cooking skills.They’ll make entire recipes on their own with confidence while you enjoy the quality family time, organized for you. There is a 30 day money guarantee if you decide you don’t like it.

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