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5 Cool Travel Toys That Fit in One Backpack

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If you’re traveling anywhere in the world you have to use something to amuse your kids
during trip. It’ll keep them occupied and you are going to have enough opportunity to enjoy
the surrounding of an unknown land. You do not need to bring the largest toy your child
wants or puzzles because they are the perfect toy to get lost. Thats the reason why
choosing travel-friendly toys really are a wise choice.

Travel-friendly toys are created for travel and they are able to make your life simpler. If you’re on the lookout for interesting toys you are able to bring on a trip on you, be certain that you go through this report.

1. Le Toy Van Petliou “Animal Pairs”
I truly don’t believe I need to discover you or your child the memory. It’s among the most
frequent children games and it’s so much fun. This game is cool since each drawing is drawn
on a wooden tile. That means your child will not lose wooden tiles so easily. Bonus; once
you’re finished playing, simply set it into a bag you got with the memory.

2. Spot It
Spot it’s a really entertaining quite much like the memory game I have already mentioned.
Rather than having one drawing on a single tile, it has 55 cards with a combo of more than
10 drawings onto each card. You’ve got 55 cards and you have to “spot” the same drawing
on two cards. That makes Spot It so interesting after hours of playtime. Bonus; the game is
packed in a tin can which is a great storage solution for a travel-friendly game.

3. Super Silly Mad Libs Junior
It’s so adorable and enjoyable book which may help your kid with writing and reading. I
know that you have played Mad Libs at least one time and you know how much pleasure it
is. You have to fill the blank spots in the sentences to form a silly story. Bonus; let your child
share his story with you, you will both laugh.

4. Book on the Farm
Books are a great way to fill your childs little heads and develop their imagination. The Book
on the Farm is just like that, but it isnt a normal book. Your children can fill the pages with
different characters and drawings so they can create their own story. Every detachable
character from the book is magnetic which means they can make a story over and over. And
the best part is that it fits in any backpack.

5. Foosball iPad stand
Foosball iPad stand is an excellent toy for children because most foosball tables are too big
for them and this is a great way for them to learn about it. The iPad stand is a little foosball
table, perfect for their little hands and iPad is a foosball field. Your children are going to
have a lot of fun because they have to use the rods in person to activate the rods on the
iPad. That interesting combination will keep them occupied for hours.

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