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7 Kids Birthday Party Ideas You Can Do at Home (Kids, Tweens & Teens)

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Party Ideas You Can Do at Home for Kids, Tweens & Teens

If your child has a birthday coming up and you want to find fun yet affordable ways to celebrate at home, then you have come to the right place.

Today, we will go over seven birthday party ideas you can do at home to stay away from the crowds and all the headaches that come with planning a party outside of the home.

This can include just your family or can include family and friends if you decide.

Note: Affiliate links may be found in this post. Please see our disclosure policy. 



1. Cooking Party

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A chef-themed birthday party is another creative way to have some fun at home while celebrating a birthday. You can purchase some little chef’s aprons for each partygoer so they can get into character for their day of cooking fun. The kids can even customize the aprons with fabric markers. You can also make inexpensive chef hats at home out of construction paper and some tissue paper.

It is a quick and easy craft that takes less than an hour to complete. You can then come up with some easy and delicious recipes the kids can make and show off their cooking skills. For more fun cooking party ideas, visit Taste of Home to appeal to the young chef in your life.

2. Spa Day Party

One fun idea is to create a spa day themed birthday party for the kids at home. You can start by preparing a room or dedicated space for this spa experience. Have a place for them to sit and lounge, have a good selection of nail polish to choose from, make homemade lemonade, finger foods, fruit and veggie trays and apply face masks.

Here is a list of spa items you’ll need to complete your child’s Spa party.

  • Exfoliating masks for facials
  • Cucumber slices for eyelids
  • Nail polish and files for manicures and pedicures
  • Towels
  • Plastic tubs for foot soaks
  • Mini robes to wear over their clothes
  • Refreshing drinks in cute cups
  • Fun finger foods

Looking for more ideas for your spa party? Check out this fun spa post for kids.




3. Scavenger Hunt Party

There are many possibilities when you choose a scavenger hunt birthday party. It is also an activity that is suitable for larger groups. Give each attendee a list of very specific items they have to find, whether it is inside the home or around the home. The longer the list, the better. Offer a prize for the individual or team that finds everything first!

See more ideas for a birthday party scavenger hunt.



4. Karaoke & Dance Party

A karaoke & dance party is a great birthday party idea at home that all the kids will love, whether they are a kid, tween, or teen. You can plan activities, set up a playlist with your child, get a karaoke machine, decorate, and capitalize on the dance party theme. Dance Dance Revolution is a great game to have on hand for this kind of party.

You can also play a game in which you teach the kids new dances from the older generations to the newer generations like the Locomotion and the Electric Slide. The limbo is another great party game the kids will love.

5. Camping with Tents Party

Want to plan a camping trip for a birthday party, but you don’t want to have to deal with the packing, the trekking, the bugs, and the headache that often comes along with planning for a camping trip? Then create the perfect campgrounds right at home!

You can set up tents in the backyard or even inside the home. You can make a campfire centerpiece for the table, personalize canteens, and make smores. Check out these fun ideas for camp parties.


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6. Obstacle Course

Obstacle course birthday parties will get the kids moving and having fun in no time. From a ladder run to a balloon table and rope swing, speed ladder, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to engaging and challenging activities you can include in your own at-home obstacle course.

Create a map to give to each participant at the beginning of the party. Not only will it be their guide, but it will also double as a party favor, they can take home with them. You can wrap the map around a rolled-up t-shirt or even glow-sticks.





7. Game and Movie Night

For a more laid back and relaxing birthday party idea for home, you can invite friends over to play old fashioned board games and watch some of your favorite movies. You can make yummy movie snacks, set up a popcorn bar and concession stand, and offer prizes and small party favors to those who win the games.


We hope we have inspired you today as you come up with fantastic birthday party ideas for home for your younger kids and even teens to enjoy!