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7 Ways to Save Money On Summer Camps For Your Child

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Save on Summer Camps without Sacrificing the Fun

There are a number of benefits that come along with finding the right summer camp in the Tampa Bay region. Your child will be left with memories and friendships to last a lifetime, they’ll get to explore different topics of interest, and they’ll be better prepared for the start of the next school year.

However, many families in the Tampa Bay region see the prices of summer camps and experience a bit of sticker shock. There are ways to save money on summer camps for your child of any age, and a few we suggest are: 


1. Become a member 

Does your child love the science museum? What about the zoo? Typically, when you join a membership at these establishments you’ll receive a discount on their summer camp services as well as their general admission. That means the fun doesn’t have to stop once summer camp is over!

You can enjoy camp for a discounted rate during the summer, enjoy discounted admission during the rest of the year, and enjoy any other benefits a particular membership may come with. 

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2. Utilize sibling discounts 

Some summer camps may offer a discount if siblings sign up together, allowing parents of kids who share interests to save quite a bit on summer camp services. Another benefit of using this discount is that shy children will feel more comfortable going to camp and meeting new friends if they know they have a familiar face there. 


3. Take advantage of early sign ups

If your child already knows what they’re in to, you’re in luck! Signing up early can provide discounts for families, and it gives your little one something to keep excited about. These early signups are typically months in advance, so you have plenty of time for planning, learning, and preparing. With early signups, you already have your summer plans made and you can optimally prepare. 


4. Sign up for more time

If you’re trying to choose between a 2 week summer camp program, or a 4 week summer camp program, that 4 week program might be of better value. Some summer camps around the Tampa Bay region will provide discounts for families that sign up for several weeks of camp. An added benefit is that children have more camp to enjoy for a better value! 


5. Compare your camps

Sometimes there’s a lot in a price, and choosing the camp that costs “less” won’t provide better value for your money. For instance, does the camp include lunch? Will it include field trips? More time? Comparing all of the little details that differ between camps can really help families to choose the camp that offers the best value for the money spent. You may be surprised by how much more you receive by looking into all the little details.



6. Look into scholarships

For STEM camps and other educational-based camps, scholarships might be available to offset camp costs. These scholarships may vary, and you could potentially use more than one to offset your costs even further. Researching scholarships is an excellent way to get your child engaged, teach them about scholarships, and save in the process. These are simple to find, and can be investigated with a simple online search or a chat with your children’s school.



7. Attend a Summer Camp Expo or Fair

Summer camps are a big deal, so big in fact that local summer camp expos and shows are popular events around the Tampa Bay area. These allow you to explore various different types of summer camps in the area, and you can price shop at the same time. You’ll be given the opportunity to talk face to face to camp instructors, program managers, and counselors while taking home brochures and information on all the camps your child is interested in. 


Saving on summer camp for your child isn’t just possible, it’s actually quite simple in the Tampa Bay area. The number of benefits that come along with attending a summer camp makes the little extra legwork worthwhile, especially when you can save a significant portion in a fairly simple way. With summer camp, children make memories that last a lifetime, which is an invaluable benefit for any young person.