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8 Non-Crafty Christmas Gifts for Elementary School Teachers

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The Christmas season offers a great time to show appreciation for your child’s elementary teacher.

With all the cute crafty things you see online, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect gift. While most teachers won’t expect a gift, it’s always appreciated.

Your Christmas gift doesn’t have to be crafty to be thoughtful. Check out these simple and non-crafty gift ideas that will make any teacher merry this Holiday season.

Updated 12/05/18


Non-Crafty Gift # 1

1. Heartfelt note: By far the gift that most teachers cherish and is the most non-crafty Christmas gift. Teachers love to know that they are making a difference in their students’ lives.

Notes can express how the teacher made learning enjoyable, helped your child improve, or simply thanking them for their patience.

As an added bonus, you can even send a copy of the letter to the schools principal. Teachers are not ones to toot their own horn, but it sure is nice when someone else does it for them.



Non-Crafty Gift # 2

2. 2019 Tampa Bay Events & Deals Calendar: Teachers love to stay organized and stay ahead. Orders yours today to gift to your child’s teacher. Free Shipping.


Non-Crafty Gift # 3

3.Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card: Chances are that your childs elementary teacher has at least heard of this teacher website that offers downloadable resources to supplement their classroom curriculum.

A Christmas gift card would give your child’s teacher access to resources that they won’t need to spend time creating themselves.


Non-Crafty Gift # 4

4. Classroom books: Buy one or a few. Books are so important in an elementary classroom. Inside the books you can write a really short note saying thanks for their hard work. Thanking them and expanding their learning resource, now that’s a great gift!




Non-Crafty Gift # 5

5.Foodie gift: Maybe your child’s teacher loves all things food? You may decide to get something like a really nice bottle of maple syrup, jams, or olive oil. No need to get crafty with this gift. Gift wrap it or place it in Christmas bag and it’s ready to be gifted.



Non-Crafty Gift # 6

6.Gift Box: Now this may seem more crafty, but it really isn’t. Your child can really help out with this gift. During Christmas time there are tons of Christmas boxes that look festive and don’t need any wrapping.

Buy one of those and have your child choose some small items like a hand sanitizer, lotion, and so forth and place it in the box. You can choose to make the items follow some sort of theme or make it random. Either way, it’s personal and your child’s teacher will appreciate it. Attach a note and you’re set.


Non-Crafty Gift # 7

7. Educational Helpers: Elementary teachers are constantly trying to find ways to keep their students engaged. Christmas gifts like puzzles and educational games are great helps for learning centers. These items help to build a wide variety of resources available to an elementary teacher.



Non-Crafty Gift # 8

8. Classroom Supplies: Teachers spend a lot of their own money to make up for classroom supplies. Christmas gifts like boxes of pencils, crayons, dry erase markers, sticky notes and even reams of white paper makes a world of difference.




Non-Crafty Gift # 9

9.Gift Cards: Any teacher would love a gift card for Christmas. Elementary teachers appreciate gift cards to Amazon, bookstores, teacher supply stores, Amazon or to their favorite restaurant. If you’re not sure what they like, purchase a Visa Gift card. Visa Gift cards are accepted at most retailers and it gives elementary teachers the flexibility to purchase what they want.

While your childs elementary teacher probably won’t ask for a Christmas gift they sure do appreciate any thoughtful gift that you give them.

Whether it’s crafty or non-crafty, it’s nice to know that you care. A simple thank you every now and then is a great gift at Christmas time and throughout the school year.