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8 Things You Should Know for SWAPtember 2016

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It’s always nice to swap every now and then. Some of Tampa Bay’s popular attractions are inviting you to swap membership during the month of September.

For those who have a membership to Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, MOSI Tampa or the Florida Aquarium, you can visit all three of these attractions for free during the month of September.

All you have to do is show a photo ID and current membership card between September 1-30, 2016 for free admission.

Hint: This is the perfect time to buy a membership to one of these attractions!

Important information for Swaptember:

1.Members must have their Membership card and a photo ID to gain access to any of the SWAPtember partners.

2. Parking is not included in SWAPtember. Parking at Lowry Park Zoo is always free. There is a fee to park at MOSI and the Florida Aquarium. (Unless you’re already a member.)

3. Guest Passes are not honored without a primary member present.

4. SWAPtember is not valid for special events or special exhibits.

5. If someone is not listed on the MOSI or Zoo Membership, they will not receive free entry.

6. Admission to MOSI is for exhibits only. IMAX Films and SkyTrail Admission can be purchased for a fee from the MOSI Box Office

7. A primary Member must be present when The Florida Aquarium membership is used to gain access to a SWAPtember partner.

8. SWAPtember partners do not offer discounts on food or beverages and there is no discount in the gift shop(s).

For more detailed information, please contact Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, MOSI or the Florida Aquarium.