9 Interactive Family Games That You Can Play At Home

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Interactive Family Games

Do you want to have fun with your family in the comfort of your own home? Then it’s time for some interactive fun family games that each member of your household will surely love!


1. Family Feud

Family Feud has been around for decades, which makes it an incredibly popular game today. If you’re looking for an interactive game to play with the whole family, this one is for you. All you need to do is to divide yourselves into two teams and play against each other by answering fun, unique questions.




2. Pictionary

Preparing for this game is easy: just take out some paper, pens or pencils, and either Pictionary cards or homemade notecards. The goal in Pictionary is to make the participants guess what is being drawn in a limited amount of time. The game will surely test each family member’s drawing skills.

Below you will find our favorite Pictionary generator that has a range from easy, medium, hard to really hard.




3. Heads Up!

Another guessing game, Heads Up is an app that you can download on your mobile phone. It works by having a family divide themselves into pairs. A timer will be set for two minutes, and the first player will hold up the phone to their forehead without looking at it.

It will show a specific word that the other person needs to guess. The other player can only answer yes or no to the first player’s questions and guesses, and each correct guess is equivalent to one point.

It’s such a fun game and they have different categories to keep it interesting.



4. Charades

Ready to put your acting skills to the test? Charades is a fun where one player will try to act out a certain name of an item, phrase, song, etc. The goal is to get the other players to guess the word you’re acting out. You can easily play this with other family members on Zoom or other virtual meeting software.

Charade Word Generators:



5. Minute To Win It

Get everyone moving with some Minute To Win It games. Participants need to complete a task using household items in less than one minute in order to move to the next round.

An easy Minute To Win It game for the family is Face the Cookie. Simply place a cookie on someone’s forehead, and they have to get it into their mouth using only their face muscles. Another one is Defying Gravity, in which the player will be given three balloons that they have to keep in the air for an entire minute.

Lastly, why not try the Wrap It Up game? Two players are needed for this game. One person needs to completely wrap the other person in toilet paper within a minute.



6. Glow-In-The-Dark Bowling

Turn off the lights and do glow-in-the-dark bowling. It works like a simple bowling game but with a twist. You need to make glow-in-the-dark pins by placing glow sticks inside water bottles.



7. Water Balloon Toss

Fill water balloons with water and divide the family into pairs. Each pair should stand facing each other and toss the water balloon to one other back and forth. For every successful toss without popping the water balloon, both participants will have to step farther away from each other.



8. Egg Race

Group everyone in pairs and have them face each other. Each player must have a spoon in their mouth. The first player will put an egg on their spoon, walk to their teammate across the room as quickly as possible, and transfer the egg to their partner’s spoon without using their hands.



9. Scavenger Hunt

Have the whole family search for and collect specific items or solve clues that will lead them to a piece of treasure hidden in the home. This is a fun game that will everyone can participate in.

These interactive family games are a great way to bond with your loved ones. So if you’re looking to spend quality time with your family, throw in some games and you’ll have everyone smiling at the end of the day.