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Bored At Home? Try These 18 No-Contact Games For Kids

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Kids are social beings in general. While it may be difficult to congregate in large groups, some parents have opted to do small gatherings for social interaction with close friends and family members.

While video games can be fun activities for children, why not get the kids moving with these fun game ideas that will get them social but also provide a no-contact way to interact with other children.


1. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

It’s always exciting to discover nature. Have your kids find 10-20 things from your backyard and place it in the bucket. That way they’ll have fun discovering new treasures and it’s all contained in one bucket.


2. Red Light, Green Light

Let one kid be the “it” and stand in front while the rest stand in a line some distance away. The “it” controls the signals (green means go and red means stop) and tries to catch anyone who moves while the red signal is on.


3. Dodge Ball

This is a game that everyone knows and loves. The kids will surely enjoy running around and throwing or dodging the ball. Get a set of dodge balls for your home.

Dodge Ball

4. Water Relay

For the coolest game of the summer, set up an obstacle course, two plastic cups with holes, and two buckets. One placed at the opposite side of the other. Divide the kids into two groups and let them fill the buckets. Be prepared for the kids to get wet and for a lot of laughter.


5. Egg And Spoon Race

In this race, participants must balance an egg on a spoon with just one hand and try to outrun the others. Avoid using real eggs by getting a wooden egg and spoon kit.



6. Hula Hoop Contest

Use your good old hula hoop for a contest and see who can make the most circles around their waists, arms, or ankles. It’s a simple yet highly enjoyable game that will keep the kids active. Get your Hula Hoop ordered. 

7. Limbo

Limbo is a game we all loved as kids. This summer, improve your kids’ flexibility with a nice game of limbo. Use a stick from a broom, a thick yarn or anything that two people can hold comfortably. Get this limbo bar for the family.

8. Jumping Limbo

Put a twist to the classic game and make the kids jump over the stick instead. This version is just as physically challenging as the original. Be careful not to go too high.



9. Minute To Win It Games

There are hundreds of Minute To Win It games to choose from. Some games your kids will surely enjoy are Cookie Face, Junk In The Trunk, Tallest Tower, and One-Handed Bracelet.


Here is the master resource for all of the Minute to Win it Games:

Minute to Win It PDF


10. Simon Says

Simon Says is a hit game among younger children, but even older ones can still enjoy it. Assign someone to be Simon and let the fun begin!


11. Make And Fly Paper Airplanes

This is a simple activity that, with a dash of imagination, can be enjoyed for hours. Make paper airplanes, decorate them, and fly them around the house or yard. While you can always make your own airplane, check out this fun and cute paper airplane kit for your kids.


12. Relay Races

Set up a few challenges for your kids to go through. Try the No Hands Get Up, where they run to a point, stop and lie down on their backs, then try to get up with their hands on their chest.



13. Hopscotch

Hopscotch has been around for decades. This is another game you can play with just your kid or with your neighbor’s kids. Don’t remember the rules? You can check them out right here.



14. Shadow Tag

Shadow Tag is a great alternative now that a lot of people are still social distancing. In this version, kids tag each other by stepping on their shadows.


15. Throwing Rocks

In this simple game, all you need is a target and a few rocks. Make the kids stand a few feet away from the target and see who hits it first.


16. Sardines

It’s reverse hide-and-seek where one person hides while the rest looks for them. The last person to find the hidden person loses.


17. The Floor Is Lava

Turn this classic game into a race where the players need to get from point A to point B without touching the ground. Just make sure you hide all the breakable items!


Want a more structure The Floor is Lava game? Check out this fun board game.

18. Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Start by making the kids stand 6 feet apart. Going around the circle, one person will announce “I want to …” while doing something else. The person next to them must do as they say.



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