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10 Family Easter Egg Games that’s Fun to do at Home

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Family Easter Themed Games

Whether you celebrate the traditional Easter with bunnies and egg hunts or ones that faith-filled ones, there is always room for a little fun and games with the family.

Games area great way to relieve stress, laugh and strengthen your bonds with your family. Creating a fun experience for your kids is a great way to make lasting memories during Easter and at any time of the year.

Below we have some fun Easter themed game ideas that you can easily do with as little as two people. So get your supplies together and get going!



1. Easter Egg Guessing Game

Choose one family member or two to fill several Easter eggs with small items that you can find around your house. The goal is to get your family members to to write down on a piece of paper what they think is in the eggs.


  1. 3-4 plastic Easter eggs
  2. Assortment of 20 or more items that can be placed into an average size Easter egg (Stamp, paper clip, coin, gum, toothpick, corn kernel, etc)
  3. Paper for each person playing
  4. Pen/Pencil


Set a time limit of 1-2 minutes for them to write their answers. Take the items out one by one. If someone has the item on their list, they get a point. The person who guessed the most items wins! They could win a treat or simply for bragging rights.


2. Easter Command Race 

Game Preparation: Write a few funny commands on slips of paper, i.e., “Hop like a bunny 5 times,” “Name five things you might find in an Easter basket,” and so on. Try to come up with 5-10 commands to keep the game going for a few minutes. 

Put each slip of paper inside a plastic egg, and divide the eggs evenly into two baskets if playing in teams.  Have the team line up in two rows across the room (or yard) from the baskets. On the count of three, the first person on each team runs up to the basket, selects an egg, and performs the action inside that egg. Once they’ve completed the action, they run back and tap the next team member.

The first team to empty their basket wins. 


3. Bowl Full of Jelly Beans

For this game, each player gets one empty bowl, one bowl filled with jelly beans, and one spoon. The player must put the spoon in their mouth and use it to move all of the jelly beans from the jelly bean bowl to the empty bowl. The first person to do that wins.





4. Egg Tower

How many egg halves can you stack in a minute or 2? Whoever can stack up half eggs on top of each other the highest in the designated time wins!


5. Egg-celent Memory 

This a play on a classic memory game. Place 3-5 half eggs of the same color facing down. Then place two of the same objects under one of them. With your fast hand skills, move the eggs around as many times as you want to confuse the other player. If they guess the wrong egg, then you win!



6. Egg Match

Take apart all the plastic eggs and mix together and place in an Easter basket or bowl. Whoever puts the most eggs back together (same color top and bottom) wins.


7. Play Easter Minute to Win It Games

8. Hot Egg 

At least 3 people, but more people makes it more fun.

Players arrange themselves in a circle and toss a plastic Easter egg to each other while music plays. The player who is holding the “hot egg” when the music stops is out. The game continues until one player is left — that player is the winner.


9. Egg Toss 

Two sets of players stand across from each other, tossing the egg back and forth, winner is whose ever egg doesn’t fall and crack open. To prep, fill plastic Easter eggs with candy. Have players pair up and toss the eggs back and forth. With each successful catch, each team will take 1 step back from each other.  If a team drops their egg, they’re out. The last pair standing wins.




10. Egg Shower:

One family or team member puts a shower cap on their heads and shaving/Whipped cream over a shower cap. The other family or team  member needs to throw as many empty plastic eggs into the Shaving/Whipped cream shower caps as possible in a certain amount of time. It could be one minute or two.

Don’t have a shower cap? Use a plastic bag over your head.

Each Plastic Egg is 1 point. Team with the most plastic eggs on head, wins the game.


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