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How to Create a Family-Friendly Birthday Party

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Birthdays come every year and for many families, so does the parties. Creating a family-friendly birthday party can be stress-free, fun and easy when following these five steps.

1. Start with a theme. Creating a theme will help guide every decision you make as you plan your child‰Ûªs birthday party. If your child has a favorite character, toy, movie or activity then you can plan the theme around one of those.

By doing this, it makes it even easier to choose the food, venue, decorations and activities for the birthday party. Just make sure to include your child in the theme selection process.

2. Choose a central source of entertainment. No need to complicate a birthday party by trying to plan so many different activities. Most of the time you really only need one big activity to keep your family‰Ûªs birthday party fun and entertaining.

A central source of entertainment may include a bounce house rental from essex inflatable services, a magician or simply having a party at a pool.

3. Finger Foods. Keep refreshments kid friendly by providing foods that are easy to eat and easy for them to get themselves. Finger foods like pizza, fruit, or mini sandwiches are great party foods that cut down on the mess and the need for adults to dish out the food. Remember to ask guests about any possible food allergies.

4. Keep it free. The best way to keep a birthday party family-friendly is to keep it free for your guests. You have asked your guests to celebrate this joyous occasion with your family, so why make them pay?

Everyone’s financial circumstances are different, so it‰Ûªs best to keep a birthday party small and free then to make it extravagant and ask parents to help cover the expenses.

5. Parents are optional.åÊBirthday parties are probably more stressful on the parents then the kids. If there isn’t a need for the parents to stay and watch their kids play for two hours then give them a parent’s optional ‰ÛÏpass‰Û.

Allowing parents a few hours to catch up on errands or some much needed sleep is a big help. Plan to have some extra family members or friends on hand to watch the kids.