The Effects of An Intensive Piano Instruction on Cognitive Functions in Children (age 9 to 12)

University of South Florida Research Study Pro#00039746

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact piano training on cognitive performance in children (age 9 to 12).

  • Free Piano Lessons
  • Free Education Class
  • Free half-day Camp
  • Limited enrollment
  • You are being asked to take part in this study, so we compare the effects of piano training and educational training on cognitive abilities.
  • Your participation is voluntary in this research study.
  • The research will take two weeks (three hours per day, five days a week).
  • Children will be randomly assigned to piano class or educational class
  • All research activities will be conducted at the Music Building of University of South Florida
  • If selected for the piano training parents are asked to purchase a piano book (less than $20.00). However, you have the option to borrow this book for use during this study, free of charge.

To see if you qualify to participate, please contact Adrian Iordache at:


Cell: (813)-618-2491   






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