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7 Useful Apps That Will Save You Time, Money, and Maybe Your Sanity

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Useful Sanity Saver Apps


While there are many fun and exciting things to do with your family around Tampa, we know that many of you have smart phones. At least 70% of you will be reading this very post through a smart phone. You probably have a great set of apps that are helpful for you and your family and so do we. Come explore our selection of Apps hat will help save you time, money and maybe your sanity.

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1. Saving Money on Gas:  Have you’ve ever been frustrated after filling up your gas tank to find that if you only veered a quarter-mile ahead, you could have saved 10 cents off a gallon? Then you will love the free Gasbuddy app. Through this app you can search and find the lowest gas price at any location you specify. The app allows you to search by city, state, zip code and you can also use the app across the entire USA and Canada. It is very accurate and a handy tool to use to save some extra gas money.


2. Making Learning Fun: Save your sanity and tackle boredom by adding the fun and engaging ABCmouse.com app. Enjoy their 30 day free trial and keep your kids learning and having fun. There is a ton of learning activities  and games tailored to children ages 2-8 years old. Reading, math, arts, and even music activities are included in this app. Children can also earn digital tickets for prizes to keep them motivated. Our kids love using this app to test their skills and it makes learning fun and interactive.

Educational Games for 2-8 Year Olds


3. Shopping Made Easy: The Scan & Go app is an ingenious idea by the warehouse store, Sam’s Club. This is such a time saver and stress reducer for parents. With the app, you simply get what you need from Sam’s Club and scan the barcode using your smartphone as you add items to your grocery cart. If there isn’t a barcode on an item that you want, the Scan & Go app has a convenient “Find an Item” feature. The best part? Pay for the items through the app without having to stand in line. Simply show your e-receipt to the greeter at the door and off you go.


4. Finding Deals: Need some fun ideas for family things to do or simply need to entertain your out of town guest? While you may have heard of  LivingSocial.com, you definitely need to download the app so that you can have easy access to help you plan family outings on a budget. There are always deals to be had and LivingSocial usually has added promo codes that makes the deals you find even better.


5. Schedule the Chaos: TheCozi app is a fantastic family organizer, especially for busy families. Coordinate your entire family’s schedule in half the time through one convenient and user-friendly app. It also includes a grocery list manager, a place to store recipes, so you can plan dinners for the week, and easily add ingredients to your shopping list. Cozi is a great schedule organizer that has the extra tools to make it convenient and easy for families who are always on the go. 


6. Printing Memories: As parents we love taking pictures of all the fun things we do with our families, but it seems as if we rarely print a fraction of them. With The FreePrints app you can order up to 85 free 4×6 photo prints on glossy or matte photo paper every month and all you need to pay is the price of shipping and handling. Use those prints and create a beautiful hanging photo collage that will wow your family and friends.


7. Bring the Library Home: We have loved using the Overdrive App to read eBooks, listen to audio books and even watch videos. Download the free app and connect to your local library system. Make sure to have your library card nearby to give you access to their virtual library. The Overdrive App is great tool for the whole family and it’s free to use.


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