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Adventure Themed Birthday Party for Tampa Bay Tweens & Teens

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Planning a tween or teen birthday party? Say good-bye to lame themes and make planning easy and stress-free with an Adventure Party for your 9 – 18 year old. We’ve got the scoop on party venues that are offer kids excitement, entertainment, and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Our list includes three adventure venues:  Mystery/Puzzling, Outdoors, and Flight. The key to choosing the right adventure party venue for your tween/teen is this:  Know your child’s interests and personality. Most parents choose a party venue based on what they think their kid is interested in. Unless your kid is a die-hard fan of something that clearly points the way for party-planning, you may want to dig a little deeper into your tweens psyche:

  • What books and movies captivate your tween’s attention for hours? What themes are inherent in those stories
  • Is your tween a huge fan of certain characters? Certain genres?
  • What kind of apps, video games or board and card games does your tween or teen play regularly?
  • Are they the indoor gaming type or the outdoor thrill-seeking type?
  • What about sports interests (playing or watching)? Team oriented (like soccer or basketball) or individual focus (like tennis)? Fast action (like hockey) or slower pace (like golf)? High intensity/ physical risk (like MMA or Ninja Warrior)?

Is your birthday boy or girl into music and theater? History? Animals and Nature?  Unsolved Crimes?
Still feel a bit clueless about your tween’s party interests—please, don’t! Kids this age can be fickle! One week they love something and a week later, they want nothing to do with it. Involve your tween in party planning by sharing this list with them, visiting the websites, and watch to see what lights them up!


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Mystery – Puzzle – Gaming Party Venues


Can You Escape? (Tampa) No cell phones. No access to the world outside the room. Can you and your team find the hidden objects, figure out the clues, and solve the puzzles to earn your freedom? Room themes: The Office, London Escape, Medieval King’s Challenge, and Zombie Trap. Some themes are more appropriate for older teens so be sure to read the descriptions carefully. New themes coming soon!


Rabbit Hole Escape Games (Tampa) crosses online gaming with a live puzzle and wows you with an immersive and interactive challenge unlike any other. Race against the clock to decipher clues, complete specific tasks and solve puzzles. Nothing is as it seems, so be prepared for surprises! Game themes: Bermuda Triangle, Legends of the Skunk Ape; Space Mining. Great for all ages but always double check recommended ages as theme content may be subject to updates/changes.


Tampa Bay Escape Room (Clearwater) Find clues, crack codes and get out before the hour strikes! Room themes: Music Producer (can you get escape in time to salvage a deal signing one of the hottest band on the planet?), Kidnapped (escape before your kidnappers return), Cabin in the Woods (careful where you stop to rest while hiking). Ideal for ages 10 and up. Adult supervision required for children under age 14.


Outdoor Adventure Venues


TreeHoppers (Dade City) is the largest adventure/ zip line park in Central Florida, located just north of Tampa. You don’t have to be Tarzan (or Jane) to have a blast at this aerial obstacle course. From high in the trees, tweens experience the thrill of the climb and the courage to maneuver through the interconnected branches, ropes, and platforms. Each element presents a different challenge. Eight different courses with over 100 unique elements, equals a forest adventure like no other! Harnesses, safety training, and expert instructors guide participants through each course. No age restrictions.


Pathfinders Ropes Challenge (St. Pete) offers recreational tree climbing and a variety of specialized programs including:  Group Cooperative Games; High Ropes Challenge Course; Low Challenge Course; Outdoor Survival Skills; Historical Reenactments; and Canoeing. Call to customize a program to suit needs and interests. Ideal for all ages.


Empower Adventures Ropes & Zip Line (Oldsmar) offers treetop aerial adventures, canopy tours, and zip lines over the Mobbly Bayou Wilderness Preserve. From nervous first-timers to experienced climbers and zip-liners, empower specializes in progressive tree-top challenges for just about everyone. They have a great variety of courses available for daytime or moonlight adventures.


Not a Clue Adventures (various locations in the Bay area) You bring the kids and the cake and Not a Clue provides the adventure! Choose from a camping party or a nature-themed celebration, each packed with a variety of activities such as: fishing, hiking, archery, fire making, wildlife photography. That’s just a sampling. Parties are customized to your request at one of the local parks / campgrounds. Day adventures or overnight camping adventures are available for all ages.


Flight Adventure Venues


iFly Indoor Skydiving (Tampa) is insane fun that simulates the thrill of skydiving without having to leap from an airplane! Put on your jumpsuit and step inside the indoor wind tunnel where you’ll be swept up and into free-fall conditions. This bodyflight experience once used only to train pro skydivers is now a popular sport and fitness activity. A birthday party at iFly is a great way to get experience thrilling demands of skydiving without the risk, and have an incredibly fun and memorable event! All ages welcome, from age 4 to 94!


Bonus: By Family-Friendly Tampa Bay

Vertical Ventures ( Tampa & St. Petersburg) Reach new heights at Vertical Ventures indoor rock climbing destination. Climbing walls with varying difficulty accommodates newbies to boulder experts. With autobelay, simply clip your kid in and then watch them as they climb up the wall. When they are done, the autobelay slowly lowers them back to the ground. If your child loves to climb figuratively and literally, rock climbing would be a great Birthday Party option.  Standard events are 2 hours long and include use of their private event room, a Vertical Ventures Ambassador to help climbers and a free return visit for each attendee.


Written by: Karen Rider, contributing writer for Family-Friendly Tampa Bay. She has a decade of professional writing experience, covering holistic health, personal and family wellness, community events and attractions, and arts and education.


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